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Commercial Projects

Our structural design, analysis and assessment of building is not limited to residential buildings. We are fully capable of developing structural plans and recommendations for commercial buildings and specialty type of commercial construction. 

Some examples of how we can help include:

Structural Capacity Calculations/Packets: Develop structural capacity analysis packets for steel stairs and other steel frames as "Specialty Engineers". Looking for a steel fabricators, you may consider working with Express Metal Works in San Antonio.

Structural Assessment of Existing Framing for Solar Panel Installation: Most cities building officials ask for an engineer to assess the capacity of existing roofs to estimate if the roofs can sustain the additional loads from solar panels. Solar panels and solar energy is a smart and efficient method of capturing the suns energy for our use. Most recently, we worked with  Advanced Solar and Electric, LLC to develop solar power projects.
Structural Design Calculations for Metal Stud Framing: Some commercial projects require the non-load bearing metal stud framing to be designed by a licensed structural engineer. Our engineers have developed multiple structural calculation packets for various projects across Texas. Contractors, like SG Construction, have worked with our engineers since 2011.
Business Certifications
A-1 Engineering, LLC is a proud veteran owned company. We add the benefit of being well trained in the design and construction of steel, timber, masonry, and concrete structures ranging from retaining walls, steel frames and towers to buildings. As a local engineering company, we are privileged to have worked with the University of Texas at San Antonio Small Business Development Center (!! Thank you Sue Munro, Business Development Specialist !!) to be granted the following certifications through the South Central Texas Regional Cetification Agency:
  • ESBE - Emerging Business Enterprise
  • HABE - Hispanic American Business Enterprise
  • MBE - Minority Business Enterprise
  • SBE - Small Business Enterprise
  • VBE - Veteran Business Enterprise