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Structural Assessments

A structural assessment is an opportunity for our engineers to visit your property and observe, note and discuss particular structural items that you are interested to learn more about.

Common structural assessments that our clients request are:

Foundation Level A Assessment - If you think you need foundation repair or if you are concerned about the foundation of your building then a Foundation Level A assessment is the type of assessment you initially need. The Level A assessment is not intrusive; meaning that we do not cut holes in your concrete or walls. Engineers tour the site to observe and note the condition of the interior and exterior of the building to better understand cracks and indicators that are consistent with foundation movement. With the aid of a digital monometer, we record relative elevation readings across the interior of the building. Along with the observed cracks and our interpretation of the elevation readings, we consult with you on likely causes for the foundation movement and if foundation repair will benefit the building. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who typically needs a Level A assessment? Anyone that wants to know if foundation repair is required. If you are buying or selling a home, foundation Level A assessments are commonly asked for by lenders if appraisers or home inspectors make note of some cracks or unlevelness.
  2. What documents do I get with a Level A assessment? This depends on you. The table below summarizes options that you can request for your Level A. 


Verbal Level "A" Yes No No Starts at $475
Full Level "A" Yes Yes No Starts at $725
Full Level "A" PLUS Yes Yes Yes Starts at $950

The fee that is shown on the table is a base fee for small buildings. The fee does increase with large buildings and by location. Please call our office and speak with one of our project coordinators to schedule one of our engineers to visit with you. Our project coordinators will discuss the scope and fee for your property. 

Structural Framing Assessment.

Some of our clients have questions about the framing (bones of the building) for their building. We most commonly get asked to assess framing for homes that are being constructed. At times, the framing for an existing building may be required. For these situations, we can assess the framing as best as possible; however, the most effective assessment is with the framing exposed which is sometimes not feasible due to sheet rock covering and the simple fact that people are still living in the home. We can still assess the framing of rafters, beams, floor joists and for load bearing walls. 


Structural Assessment for Fire Damaged Buildings

Unfortunately buildings catch fire and get damaged. We often assess fire damaged framing and foundations for insurance reports, repair plans and to provide opinions on the structural condition of non-burned, non-effected areas. 

Structural Assessment for Commercial Renovations and New Construction

There are many great buildings out there that are being renovated into greater spaces. With the aid of 3D scanners and Ground Penetrating Radar, our engineers can develop recommendations for any size of project or complexity. Our team believes in simplifying complicated and difficult projects into a constructable project.