Engineering Services

Our company was founded on providing the common home owner with experienced structural engineering services at a fair price. We understand that home owners have very tight budgets and the need for information to help them make decisions about their home. Thousands of our clients have consulted with us to discuss if foundation repair will benefit their homes and family. We have helped home owners remodel their homes by locating load bearing walls, designing retaining walls, designing foundations and the framing for new room additions. We have crawled underneath homes to help develop foundation repair plans for pier and beam foundations. We are the type of engineers that crawl into plumbing tunnels to see what concrete is broken and advise on how to fix it. 

We truly enjoy and love practicing engineering. We are human that make mistakes in booking appointments or getting reports out late; we make typos, work late hours, drink more coffee than what we should and from time to time we take vacations. But one thing is for sure, everyday our staff of engineers and project coordinators strive to bring value to your project and provide you with personal attention that only humans can provide. However imperfect it maybe at times or whatever your project size or budget is, we value all of our clients and thank you for your business.

Services and Information:

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Foundation Repair Assessments

Structural Engineering

Civil (Drainage) Engineering

Removing Load Bearing Walls

Is Your Foundation Settling?

FHA/HUD/VA "Mobile" Home Foundation Assessments

Benefits of Foundation Elevation Surveys

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Do not let walls get in the way of additions and renovating your home. Load bearing walls can be opened up to create great entrances like this garage conversion that is now a family room. 


Engineering Services

A-1 Engineering, LLC is a full service civil and structural engineering company based in San Antonio. Our designs continue to design commercial buildings as large as 100,000 square feet to small steel frame canopies. We are uniquely specialized to prepare steel fabrication drawings for any steel framed buildings and structures that we design. Having us develop the steel fabrication drawings saves our clients time and money in construction.

Our list of services includes designing retaining walls, civil drainage, grading and utility plans, to designing concrete tilt wall panels. We carry specialized equipment to gather data more efficiently and accurately for existing buildings and structures. With our 3D scanners, we can share point clouds with other professional to assist them in developing drawings for the project. With ground pentrating radar, we can efficiently assess the construction of existing concrete to estimate the allowable capacity for adding additions or floors.

Being self reliant for collecting and process field data for developing projects benefits our clients construction and development schedule.

Please feel free to call our office at (210) 591-8829 to speak with Mr. Moises Cruz, P.E. or Ms. Meredith Turner to discuss your project. 

Services and Information:

Civil Engineering

Structural Engineering

Capacity Analysis of Floor and Platforms (Structures)

Removing Load Bearing Walls

Retaining Walls

Structural Framing Assessments for Solar Power Projects

Platting and Zoning

Consult with a Drainage Engineer

City Permits - Yes they are worth it!