San Antonio is called "Military City USA" for a reason. This is because San Antonio supports our military and our veterans. The City of San Antonio 2017-2022 Bond Program is designed to improve multiple facets that makes San Antonio great. Our streets will drain better, give us better riding experiences, ease traffic and make our city more beautiful. Libraries and firehouses will be built or improved. Parks will be preserved and become more fun. Partnerships with Bexar County and other government agencies will be fostered and nurtured with the co-development of projects and improvements. In five years, San Antonio will be an even better place to live and raise our families as it was in 2012 when our last bond was invested across the city.

Vote "YES" to the bond and invest into "Military City USA"

A-1 Engineering supports the bond because it is a smart investment for our city. These Improvements will bring more jobs and industry to our town and provide a better future for our children. 

We want to help be a part of that development and growth. As a small and emerging engineering company, A-1 Engineering, LLC is privileged to hold the following business certifications:

·         ESBE - Emerging Business Enterprise

·         VBE - Veteran Business Enterprise

·         MBE - Minority Business Enterprise

·         HABE - Hispanic American Business Enterprise

·         SBE - Small Business Enterprise

Visit: South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency to learn more about our certifications

The City of San Antonio Small Business Economic Development Advocacy Program (SBEDA) help the City assign participation goals to its contracts for for small, minority, women and veteran owned businesses 

Of the five business certifications that we have, we are proudest of the Veteran Business Enterprise certification. Our company owner, Mr. Moises A Cruz, P.E., has served in the United States Army Reserves for the past 20 years.

Mr. Cruz, enlisted into the Army in 1996 as a carpentry and masonry specialist. After graduating from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a Civil Engineering degree, Mr. Cruz became a commissioned officer as an Engineer Officer. 

In 2009, then Lieutenant Cruz, deployed to Iraq and served as an Army civil engineer to oversee and assist the Iraqi and US Government complete capital improvement projects throughout southern Iraq. LT Cruz, helped with the construction of water towers, schools for girls, huts for housing, reverse osmosis units for clean water and improvements to waste water plants. 

Then LT Moises Cruz explains the Army's contribution to the mission during his tour in Iraq in a small news story:

A-1 Engineering, LLC has the experience, skillset and infrastructure to lead a team of professionals to design projects under the 2017 Bond or contribute to your team as a sub consultant. 

Please contact Mr. Moises A Cruz, P.E., directly at 210-417-4052 or my email at


From left to right: Engineer Ash (AUS), SSG Sergeant, 1LT Cruz, 1LT Kuhlman. Iraq, 2010. 

Innovation + Leadership

Moves Us Forward

A-1 Engineering, LLC is a locally owned and operated small engineering company. In 2011, Moises Cruz, P.E. and Diego Gorgazzi, P.E. formed the company with the purpose of helping local residents manage their construction projects and their homes.

Over the last 6 years, A-1 Engineering has grown from two guys running around Texas helping Texans to a crew of professional structural and civil engineers running around Texas helping Texans. Over the past 6 years, we have designed large and small buildings, repaired burnt trusses, designed new foundations for massive automobile presses at the Toyota Plant, helped residents deal with foundation problems and repairs, designed a rail road bridge, repaired retaining walls, reinforced roofs to add new floors and we designed steel frames for new solar panel projects.

Our project list includes the structural design of a large 100,000 square feet, multi-story academic building (The Atonement Academy) to small carports, and everything in between. We recognize that staying inovative, creative and self-reliant makes us more efficient and better engineers. For that reason, we invested into 3D scanner technology to put cutting edge technology at our finger tips to capture, note and record existing buildings and construction.

The 3D scanner allows us to create 3D models of any building so that we can better accomodate the construction of additions, improvements to the structure, coordinate expansions, repair complicated and hard to reach structural members and to record the condition of buildings with greater accuracy.

We invested into ground penetrating radar (GPR) to see through concrete. We can now capture images of concrete up to 20 inches thick. We can now locate rebar and piping within concrete or check to see where important load bearing foundation elements are located without having to break the concrete or cause disruption. 

As structural engineers, saving time and money is how we can most greatly impact your project. We employ Tekla Structures to help us design steel frames. Tekla Structures is a 3D BIM software that empowers us to not simply design the steel frame, but we can also create fabrication drawings of the steel pieces. Creating the fabrication drawings for the steel frame can save you 30 to 60 days on your construction schedule. We design the steel structure and then we create the steel fabrication drawings to put you into production faster. 

Check out the capabilities of 3D Scanning:

Check out the capabilities of Concrete Ground Penetrating Radar Scanners:

Check out hte capabilities of Tekla Structures:


Project Highlight: The Atonement Academy 


STEM + Army

Science Technology Engineering + Math

The Army is in need of more soldiers with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) backgrounds.

STEM programs have been started across San Antonio with great success. Students across San Antonio are learning how STEM makes civilization more livable. Some notable programs are:

·         Construction Careers at Warren High School

·         North East Independent School District STEM Academy

·         Memorial High School STEM Program

There are many more programs than the ones we list above. High schools students are being encouraged to look towards STEM careers; like engineering and software development.

The City of San Antonio 2017 Bond Program is targetting 21 projects to improve facilities across the city that will facilitate students to research and develop their interests in STEM careers.

The projects include:

  • Alamo Area
  • Center City Substation for SAPD and Park Police HQ
  • Central Library Improvements 
  • Brackenridge Park/Witte Museum Parking Garage Expansion 
  • SportsEducation Facility 
  • Wheatley Heights Community Center
  • Zoo Parking Garage 
  • McCreless Branch Library
  • Mission Marquee Green Room 
  • World Heritage/Cultural Arts Center
  • Aquatic Center Improvements at Palo Alto College
  • District 4 Heritage Community Center 
  • Natatorium at Southwest ISD 
  • Las Palmas Branch Library 
  • Memorial Branch Library 
  • Sports Fields near PotrancoBranch Library 
  • Tezel Road City Facility
  • UTSA Athletics Complex
  • District 9 Senior and Constituent Services Center
  • Fire Station #24 Replacement 
  • Public Art 

Improvements to our libraries seed the growth of STEM programs by providing valuable resources and facilities to citizens to explore and research information. Information and venues that may not be available at home or at school. For this reason, we support the 2017 Bond Program. 

The Army recently launched a campaign to inform recruits and students that the Army is a great place to learn and practice engineering and other STEM careers. Given that San Antonio is Military City USA, improving facilities that encourage STEM programs helps our military by providing better prepared recruits to join the military ranks.

The owner of A-1 Engineering, Moises Cruz, is an Engineer Officer in the Army. Captain Cruz was invited by the Army to explore how Army Engineers relate to engineering a great concert. 

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